Why is the conference digital?

Due to the on-going pandemic and with the travel bans around the world, the likelihood of having an international conference “as normal” was basically impossible. We saw the benefits and upsides of arranging a digital conference instead and went for it.

What does the virtual NWBC 2020 offer?

We will present the latest ideas and developments in biorefinery separation and conversion processes as well as new bio-based products from the wood biorefinery: energy, chemicals and materials. 

How will the content change as a result of being a virtual event?

We plan on using the original program for NWBC 2020 but adjust the content to fit a digital format. This might result in some minor changes to the program but that is simply to assure the overall quality of the conference. 

This is a global event, how will you manage the different timezones?

One of the benefits of making the conference digital is that time itself is not as important. In order to assure quality while making sure all speakers can participate, most presentations will be pre-recorded while others will be live as well. However, all presentations will ensure a live Q&A session, meaning you can interact with all the speakers no matter what.

Where do I buy tickets?

Just like before, tickets can be purchased at https://www.universe.com/events/nwbc-2020-tickets-6VM7H8

I already have a ticket to the physical conference, what happens now?

You will automatically be rebooked to our virtual event and we will pay you back any money that exceeds our new ticket price for NWBC 2020 (5000 SEK).

How do I enter the conference?

Personal login credentials will be sent to you as we approach the start of the conference, which will take place 13–15 October 2020. The pre-recorded presentations will be available on October 12.

What kind of software will be required to interact or participate at the conference?

NWBC 2020 is a fully integrated platform. We will give you access to all the presentations, either live or on-demand, meaning you can participate whenever you want from wherever you want. Digital interaction is also made possible and there is no additional tools required, just login and get to it.


For obvious reasons, the better internet connection you have, the better quality we can offer. You should, however, be able to participate no matter what device you use and no matter where you sit physically.

Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Who do I contact for more information?

Katarina Thornander

Program Coordinator

Alexander Hertzberg

Communications Officer